About Us


Why does WPG exist?

World Prayer Guides is a prayer and mobilization ministry to educate and inform the church about the Least Reached. We do this by the production and distribution of prayer guides. Our focus is on major world religions, countries/people groups, and issues pertaining to the Least Reached people in the world. 


Mission Statement

We exist to provide current and engaging information about the Least Reached for mobilizing the Global Church in prayer.

Vision Statement 

To see the Global Church engaged in being a blessing to all nations.



Dependence on God

We know that without God nothing is possible. We rely on His guidance, wisdom, discernment, and knowledge to lead this ministry and all its affairs.

Power of Prayer

We see in scripture that prayer is a central part of our faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus sits at the right hand of God as an Intercessor for us all. He has called us to imitate Him in all His ways. We have personally seen the power of prayer for salvation, healing, miracles, and transformation in individuals and nations.


As Christ-followers, we are held to a higher standard when it comes to ethics and morals. We believe that being honest, transparent, and reliable is essential to do all that we do.

Communicating with Care and Cultural Respect

Our prayer guides will be careful to communicate about the people and places we are praying for with sensitivity and respect. 

Produce with Excellence

We want our products to be produced in a way that is respectful to God’s creation and of good value to the user. We aim to produce them in a way that is sustainable so that we can maintain a high standard for ongoing development. We feel that the quality of products we offer is a high priority. We want them to be as respectful to God’s creation as possible in each situation.


We will save 15% of all income for use with future guide productions and establishing new international distributors. 


We are committed to investing 10% of all income from the guides to the areas we prioritize and to the ministries that serve the people of that region. 



If you are interested in learning more about our ministry, inquiry on new guides, incentive programs, or any other general question, please fill out the form below.